mahu, tapi malas!

hi readers!
actually, i've been itching to update about my recent trip to Penang.
* not that recent actually. it was last month!
it was unplanned and unexpected. trust me.
i mahu upload pictures and update you guys about the trip tapi selalu x sempat and takde masa.
plus, gamba di Penang pon tak sempat nak amik dari Apiz.
anyway, i want to thanks to all yang pergi Penang.
Thanks to sayang, Ryna, Apis,Anne,Aspa, Isma and the most important person during the trip ; Jieja!
insyaAllah, if i ada masa, i'll update about the Penang trip, okay!

* i miss the moments, hopefully ada lagi trip macam tu and kita boleh pergi ramai ramai. lagi meriah!

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