wish list

dalam previous entry, i listed down must - have items for girls.
actualy, itu pendapat i sahaja. kalau u guys ada cadangan, feel free to drop your suggestions, then.
now, i nak list down my wish list pula.
hehe. :)

1. i am in need for a new handbag, and a new sling back.
Nine West?

* memang lah i ada 2,3 handbags. tapi semua dah rosak. tali nak putus, etc. semua rosak serentak pula tu! right now, i wear my not-authentic longchamp handbag.

2. instead of 2 items mentioned above, i need a pair of new jeans.
* levis kesayangan i yang dibeli oleh ayah dulu dah terkoyak! kat bontot pula tu. huhu. dah 4 tahun tak beli jeans. so i really need a new one! kalau ada rezeki, i nak try label lain.tengah survey..i have 2,3 labels listed in my mind.

3. a pair of black pants.
*dulu, i fikir black pants/jeans ni tak sepenting jeans. sekarang i rasa dah jadi penting pula!never saw that coming babyy.

4.white blouse.
* untuk dipakai masa santai or formal. lagipon, white blouse is the all time must-have item. so why not i grab 1 for myself, right?

5. haircut!!
* last year i got my hair permed. it was a huge mistake!huhu. sinced that,i cut my permed hair till now and still hoping that my 'real' hair can grow healthily. plus i dah lama tak potong rambut. rimasss!

6. new lappy..
*yang ni,optional. laptop lama i yang dah guna 4 tahun tu still okay lagi although sometimes dia buat hal. tapi i sendiri takda duit nak tukar laptop baru. so ni kira items yang tak berapa penting buat masa ni.

and a new.....

7. a camra
* a new what? say it again please! HAHA. a new camera. everyone is in love with camera these days. i would love to be a part of that! plus, camera is important. we only live once. so capture all your moments.

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