sikat dan shampoo


i've got myself these 2 items just now. check it out ;

1. ok, this is the latest product for hair range from body shop. the new rainforest haircare!
of course there are other types of shampoo for diff kinds of hair. but i chose this one.
rainforest shine is for normal-dry hair. sinced i permed my hair last year i think this would be the perfect choice for my hair.
smell : tangerine - like smell, olive, fruity and more oriental - like smell
usage : same mcm shampoo biase, lather with water, apply to hair and rinse.
tips : rinse with cold water to close the hair cuticles so it adds shine to your hair.
review after 1st usage : BEST!! my hair feels softer, and lebih licin.

2. small cushion brush.
dah lama nak beli hair brush,tadi baru ada rezeki. okay, brush ni sesuai untuk rambut mid length to long hair. it will tame your hair from frizziness and the pin brush will glides smoothly on your scalp so it wont distract your oil glands kat area rambut. since my hair is now unmanageable, i think this brush suits me well.
sebelum ni, i ada beli wide tooth comb and been using it for 2 years. i loveeee the comb!! kalau tertinggal or misplace, i boleh jadi tak tentu arah mencari okay. sangat suka sebab sikat tu made of wood and very comfy untuk scalp sebab boleh urut scalp sekali. plus, boleh guna lepas shampoo rambut untuk elah rambut gugur and putus.

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